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The Midnight Town Stories: Matt's Nightmare

Matt, a 38-year-old man, lost contact with his son Gabe after his divorce. Unsure of where Gabe might be, Matt seeks help from Vincent, a hypnotherapist, to find clues about his son's whereabouts by exploring his nightmares.


However, each hypnosis session throws Matt into a different terrifying nightmare, where he must confront his own fears and troubled past.

In "The Midnight Town Stories: Matt's Nightmare," players guide Matt through significant places from his past, triggering various scenarios and fears. Navigating eerie environments, players help Matt solve puzzles while facing enemies representing his greatest fear: the loss of his son.


Set in the 2000s, the game's ambiance and art design evoke nostalgia, while a carefully crafted soundtrack intensifies the chilling atmosphere. With tank-like controls and dynamic camera angles, gameplay harks back to classic survival horror titles, immersing players in Matt's harrowing journey.

"The Midnight Town Stories: Matt's Nightmare" will arrive on Steam soon. Stay tuned for more information.

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