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Operação Prato

Get ready to dive into an epic and mysterious journey through the deepest secrets of one of Brazil's greatest UFO cases. In 'Operação Prato,' you take on the role of Mario, a fearless reporter determined to unravel the mysteries haunting the region of Colares.

Armed only with your camera and investigative instinct, Mario embarks on a breathtaking adventure, filled with dangers, puzzles, and mysteries. You'll have to race against time, skulking through the shadows to avoid the clutches of the Brazilian/American Government, who will stop at nothing to keep the secrets buried in the jungle.


But the dangers don't just come from men. Extraterrestrial creatures lurk in the shadows, their mysterious intentions shrouded in cosmic secrets. And the inexplicable lights dancing in the night sky are not just a celestial spectacle; they're a real threat, mercilessly attacking the residents of Colares.

With guidance from renowned ufologist Edison Boaventura, you'll decipher puzzles and mysteries, gather evidence, and expose everything that happened in 'Operação Prato.' Get ready for a first-person immersive experience where driving cars through the jungle, parachuting into dangerous terrain, and hiding in the shadows are just some of the challenges you'll face.

The Earth Is Flat will arrive on Steam in 2025 and you can Wishlist it NOW.

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