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The Earth Is Flat

Get ready to embark on a hilarious 2.5D/3D adventure in "The Earth Is Flat"! You will control Teddy, a 40-year-old man-child with a fervent passion for video games and conspiracy theories.

Everything was going well in Teddy's life until his young girlfriend, Mel, ended the relationship claiming that Teddy has no future. Suffering deeply, he decides to prove her wrong, that he not only has a bright future ahead but also is capable of changing the world. He then decides to pack his backpack, get his allowance from his dad and set off on a big journey with multiple goals: to be the first to prove that the earth is flat, win a Nobel Prize, and win back Mel.

Prepare for an odyssey full of crazy experiments, strange encounters, and lots of trouble. From attempting to reach the highest point on Earth using balloons to navigating a jet ski to Antarctica, Teddy will spare no effort in his quest "for the truth"... and to win back Mel's heart!

But beware! Teddy won't be alone on his journey. A gang of scientists is determined to stop him at all costs. Get ready to face epic challenges, confront absurd situations, and laugh a lot as Teddy struggles to prove his theory.

With a unique blend of humor, action, and madness, "The Earth Is Flat" promises a gaming experience like no other. Get ready to discover the world in a completely new way - and who knows, maybe even change the course of history (or just win back Mel's heart).

The Earth Is Flat will arrive on Steam this year and you can Wishlist it NOW.

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